Pest control in gardens and outdoor places

Ciudad Verde deals with the plant disease problems that can occur in gardens and green areas. We are officially registered with the Regional Andalusian Authority (la Junta de Andalucía) as a company authorised to apply pesticides in gardens and on agricultural crops. We have qualified technicians who hold applicator licences as well as our gardeners who can carry out routine treatments.

Inspections, diagnosis, treatments and prevention of specific pests and diseases: THE RED PALM WEEVIL, THE PROCESSIONAL PINE CATERPILLAR, as well as plant lice, mites, fungi etc.

We also treat common outdoor pests such as cockroaches, ants, fleas, rodents etc (outdoors in gardens and on plots of land etc.) We can provide the client with certificates of diagnosis and treatment recognised by the Regional Authority ( la Junta de Andalucía)

When it comes to using chemical products, we are very mindful of the environment, always using suitable, registered, low toxic products. We are turning more and more to biological treatments for pest control. Furthermore, we are endeavouring to prevent possible outbreaks by use of technical methods and by information campaigns.



The Red Palm Weevil 

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