Laying and treating of lawns

Laying and treating

We can prepare the ground and lay all types of grass appropriate to the area. We take into consideration climatic conditions, exposure to the sun and the use that the future lawn will be subjected to. We can create lawns using various techniques: sowing lawn seed, planting cuttings or laying turf. Our technicians will advise the client on the type of lawn and manner of planting most suitable for them.

A lawn is a very important part of a garden; if it doesn’t look its best then it spoils the whole area. In order to keep it green and healthy throughout the year it needs to be correctly cared for through the growing cycle, which means; adequate watering, correct application of fertiliser, cutting, treating of any disease, aerating and top dressing etc. If a lawn is in poor condition we can diagnose the problem and apply suitable treatment for its recovery.
El césped artificial es un producto que gana terreno cada vez más.

Altos costes de mantenimiento y elevados consumos de agua ha motivado que muchos usuarios estén dejando de lado el uso de césped natural, para decantarse por una opción más cómoda y económica.


Artificial grass is becoming more and more popular. The high costs of lawn maintenance and heavy water usage are such that many people are turning away from natural grass in favour of the easier and more economic option.

To this end, and in line with its ecological policies, Ciudad Verde now offers a new solution for gardening that provides aesthetically good results and low maintenance costs.

It is a product that can not only be found in private gardens but can be seen increasingly within the urban environment (traffic islands, walkways, children‘s play areas, sports fields: football, tennis, paddle and even on golf courses)

The old concept of synthetic turf as having a very ‘plastic’ aspect is becoming a thing of the past. Manufacturers today have succeeded in obtaining materials that look like real grass and have a softness like real grass but without the inconvenience of its need for maintenance and expense. Artificial grass is therefore being used more and more widely.

It can be the answer in times of drought, and is most certainly an alternative in places where rain is scarce. The minimum maintenance involved increasingly demonstrates its advantages for use on sites both public and private.

Another advantage is that it will last from 10 to 15 years and all the manufacturers agree that it can be installed on any surface: earth, concrete or tiles. It has good weather resistance, stays green and weed-free all year round and has a clean and pleasing appearance.

In manufacture, a variety of fibres are combined, different monofilaments and different colours: a smooth thread of two-tone green polyethylene and another of textured polypropylene in two earth shades are set at low level. These soften the effect and help the taller fibres to stand erect without any need for sand filling. The colour and the texture engage the eye, perfectly simulating, a natural ‘turf’. The woven lower threads are reinforced with polyurethane which gives great strength and resistance to the base of the upper threads.

Comparing the costs of installation and maintenance, the higher costs of artificial grass can be recovered in less than 3 years by its zero maintenance requirements. It is guaranteed to be problem free for 8 years and although its useful life will be longer than this it will still incur no maintenance costs.

Ciudad Verde offers all types of designs; we can combine artificial grass with natural elements such as trees and flowering plants or shrubs in planters, to give spectacular results. It can as well, be the solution to ‘bald spots,’ caused by shade, animals or other causes.

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