Policy for environment: ISO 14001:2004

At CIUDAD VERDE S.L.U we are aware that protection of the environment is not only a question of legal compliance but also a social obligation for the whole company to develop and progress with, alongside, the community to which it belongs. For this the co-operation and participation of all the workforce of CIUDAD VERDE S.L.U is needed, as is, an awareness of the policy and efficient adherence to the current Manual of General Procedures and to all the documentation that makes up the System of Integrated Management.

In all areas of our service we strive for the safety and conservation of the environment, and a higher level of work efficiency.

Our stated objectives include a commitment to as full as possible compliance with environmental rules and legislation. Also a continual effort to improve the carrying out of treatments so as to prevent contamination, by evaluation of possible interactions with surroundings, and by use of the best available, economically viable, technologies.

Major attention is paid to the reduction, recycling and elimination of waste, from the works that we carry out and also those generated by the administrative sector of a company the size of CIUDAD VERDE S.L.U.

CIUDAD VERDE S.L.U has taken a new path in an area that is important, now and for the future, and which will greatly influence the business decisions it makes. To bring about sustainable development, an efficient harmonisation must be made to ensure compatibility between the economic growth of our region and respect for and conservation of the natural environment.

All of which makes clear to the client that he can expect:

A polished professional and personalised service.
Quality products.

The Management undertakes to develop, perfect and apply the criteria of quality and respect for the environment (as defined in the Integrated Management System documentation) along with the fulfilment of periodic objectives. It requests the same commitment from all the staff, regardless of the position they hold in the Company.

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