Integral maintenance

“A garden starts when it is finished”. What we mean by this is that a newly made garden will evolve and develop in accordance with the care that it is given. A well designed garden can lose its form if maintenance is not carried out in a professional manner. 


Professional care of green areas requires those in charge of maintenance to have a great depth of knowledge. They need to have a wide expertise in plant pathology, pruning, fertilisers, the life cycles of plant species, to know all about the use of tools and machinery, installation of watering systems etc., together with aesthetic taste, respect for the environment and regard for safety etc.
All the different maintenance techniques and operations are best carried out cyclically, and following the special programme or calendar that we have designed for each and every procedure.


As part of the service and complementary to garden maintenance, we can also carry out pool maintenance, should the client require it.

This encompasses the checking and correction of chlorine and pH levels, deep pool cleaning and surface skimming, and the supply of all the necessary products.

Working to the standars of Quality management and Quality Environmental Management.



The Red Palm Weevil 

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