Garden design and planning

We design and plan all types of gardens to suit both our clients tastes and the conditions of the site.
We specialise in the design of Mediterranean and subtropical gardens, and because of our experience of working along the coastal area, we know how to plan maritime gardens, where salty Levantine winds are a factor in the choice of the most suitable plants.
The drought tolerant or water efficient garden is also one of our specialities. The design of this type of garden requires a wide knowledge of local climatology in order to select plants that are most suitable for dry conditions. This does not mean designing ‘cactus gardens’ but gardens where the grouping of plants and choice of species can make efficient use of the available water.

In the design of our gardens we use the latest graphical computer applications along with composite and illustrative photographs so that our clients will have a good idea of their future garden.
The creation of a new green space is, to us, like a blank canvas, where the right choice of plants and decorative or structural features will make up an aesthetic and harmonious design. We therefore pay great attention to the colour and texture of any ornamental features, to the flowering seasons of the plants, to the best way of laying out the plants, and to their future development. We can also offer original decorative ideas using other materials, such as pebbles, natural gravel, cobble stones, railway sleepers, etc.
Working to the standars of Quality management and Quality Environmental Management.



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