Construction and refurbishment

Garden construction involves a series of closely co-ordinated steps, which involve a range of different activities, each directed by relevant specialist technicians.

From the simplest garden to the most intricate, the basic steps are the same: drawing up the plan, preparing the ground, enriching and fertilising the soil, structural works (paths, steps, fountains, building work etc) installation of watering systems, lighting schemes, the laying out of the plants, planting and seeding.
Ciudad Verde constructs its gardens and green areas taking every care to ensure that all stages are carried out in the most co-ordinated manner possible, with liaison between all the different trade activities involved.

Similarly, works will be carried out at a time agreed with the client, excepting when the weather or other unforeseen events prevent this.
Garden refurbishment involves a series of re-stylings to improve an existing design or bring a new one to the garden. This process is usually more complex and more expensive than the making of a new garden as it can involve the need for pruning and ground clearance, installation of new irrigation, replanting, transplanting etc. This is when professionals are most needed because they have the landscape gardener’s vision of how to improve an already established garden in the most optimum way.
Working to the standars of Quality management and Quality Environmental Management.



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